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Welcome to your  SportsTeamPal Community, parents, youths, teachers, coaches, and people interested in seeing great sports role models unfold right before their eyes. The focus of the website is to provide a safe community, providing wisdom, tools, methods, love, understanding, joy, gratitude and plain unlimited passion to creating Wellness Sports Youths Globally.

The foundation of this website is to create interaction from all parties coming from a place of Love, Passion, and giving it your all for “You” ,the team, your family, and your coach because it is the right thing to do.. We shall create 21st century sports youths that value themselves, their team mates, their family, their coaches and life to the Maxxxxxx. We shall create extraordinary Sports Youths who are great role models, and express: Sportsmanship, Fairness, Integrity, Responsibility, Respect and Love; on and off the field daily in their life.


Wellness Always, Dr. Richard London, Founder and Wellness advisor

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