What Parents are Saying About Upward Sports

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Every year, millions of parents across the country just like you are determining which youth sports program is best for their young athlete. It’s a crucial decision for any parent because sports play such a huge role in today’s youth, and finding the right program can either make or break participation in the future.

That’s why, at Upward Sports, we are honored to have over 750,000 parents choose to put their athlete in our sports programs, and let our passionate coaches and volunteers be a part of their sports experience.

Upward Sports is the only youth sports program to offer the 360 Progression™, a uniquely designed sports experience that adapts and expands as players develop and grow in their personal athletic journey, resulting in the development of total athletes – mentally, athletically, spiritually, and socially.

Upward Sports is committed to reclaiming the landscape of youth sports for the benefit of young athletes. Every year, thousands of parents let us know what they love about their children playing in an Upward Sports Program. Below are 15 quotes from parents about what makes Upward Sports different. These comments represent the majority of what parents from across the country are talking about. If you would like to read more comments, be sure to visit the Upward Sports Facebook and Twitter pages. Upward Sports athletes don’t just play, they Play With Purpose!

  • My son is on his third season at Upward Sports. He always says how he loves it, and he wouldn’t want to play anywhere else. He loves playing for Upward Sports and loves the way the other kids and parents treat him. – Cornelius P.
  • In the past, my son has not really shown much interest in basketball outside of the season. This year playing Upward, something changed. Everyday he gets home from school, puts on his Upward jersey, and heads outside to practice. He works on dribbling, passing skills, and then perfecting his jump shot. Thanks to the lessons he’s learned at Upward, he is turning into a basketball gym rat and passing on some of his great work ethic to his younger brother. Thanks, Upward, for the love of basketball and the Christian influence on my son. – Mark A.
  • This is my daughter’s second season as a cheerleader, and she has been pushed to learn new skills, make new friends, and develop her self-esteem in a positive, healthy, Christian environment. – Valerie W.
  • Brandon started playing basketball with Upward last year. His transformation has been remarkable – his confidence and enthusiasm for the game has soared! As a parent, I am so blessed to see the love he has developed for the game because of the encouragement he received at Upward. – Nicki C.
  • We have watched my son play basketball many times as a child. Now we are back to watch him play in theUpward Stars program! Looking forward to being back at Upward! – Jennifer W.
    • Learn more about Upward Stars travel teams and developmental programs.
  • Watching the coaches encourage their teams, listening to devotions and prayer, and seeing improvement in the players’ skills over the course of the season – it truly is a blessing to watch! – Sandy W.
  • I love watching the kids make friends, become great teammates, and have fun. The sense of competition is there, but the feelings of sportsmanship and cooperation far outweigh the ‘have to win’ attitude. – Diane J.
  • Our favorite part is watching the kids improve in skill and understanding while learning how important teamwork and practice are! Great lessons in a world that is always looking for someone or something else to do the work for you.  #loveourUPWARD – Krissy M.
  • My favorite things about game day are seeing and hearing the energy around the gym, excitement in the players, and the impact we are having on families. So many parents this year have told me how much they appreciate our program and how different it is from other programs. Every Saturday, we are making a difference. – Kaye W.
  • Love the devotionals during each game, all the good sportsmanship shown, and the fun everyone seems to have during the games. It is a wonderful time with family and good friends. – Peggy H.
  • I love seeing God use the learning of the game, strategy, and teamwork to reach the kids. There are so many of these moments within my time with Upward, and I am so blessed to be part of it. – Allison D.
  • Our community is all about sports. The new, more competitive rules in Upward Basketball have stirred up more community interest. Our families and kids have gotten more from the halftime devotions and virtues this year and want to come to the other programs we offer. It’s been an exciting year for us! – Carrie M.
  • The enhanced rules really teach kids the game. As a director, our role is to teach kids the game, a Christlike way to play, and lay the groundwork for them to continue playing that way the rest of their lives – whether they go on to play school ball or simply rec/intramural. At my church, we take pride in sending our fifth graders on to school and other levels of ball. – John L.
  • One of the BEST PROGRAMS I have ever been a part of! – Donna M.
  • Our coaches are the best! They are all so patient and giving of their time. The players have learned so much in practice and it showed from the first game on. I love being a part of this program. Watching kids grow through the season is the reason I continue to volunteer each year. – Tracey K.


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